Plan Gold Support Platinum Support VIP Support
Monthly subscription $12.99/mo $22.99/mo $30.99/mo
Setup fees $30 $40 $50
Chat Support Easiest way to reach our support team, simply click the chat icon at the bottom of any page and you will be assigned a technician
Phone Support Premium 24/7 support offered to our Platinum and VIP Support members
Personal Coaching Want to choose between two different technologies? want to use a feature with your device? we are here to guide you.
VIP Support with VIP support, your issues will always be treated as a high priority.
Continuous protection
Virus Protection atHand has partnered with the best security companies including Trend Micro, Bitdefender and Symantec. we will be able to receive notifications if there is an issue in your device, and will contact you to keep you protected.
Cloud Backup we partner with IDrive, we can configure your devices so that a continuous backup is sent to the cloud, keeping your documents, pictures and videos safe and browsable from any of your devices. 300 GB 600 GB
Social Networks Security Having your social network account overtaken is not an option. we will make sure we secure all your social networks accounts including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.
Parental Controls Keeping your children safe whatever they are using is not an easy task and has a lot of technical aspects. let us help you keep your children safe.
Extra Services
Networking Want to secure your wireless network, connect two devices to each others, share files between them or suffering a slow connection? we can help you.
Speed Optimization Almost all devices slow down from time to time. you can almost always get better performance with some technical assistance.
Software Setup Software setup sometimes is not straight forward with a lot of requirements. other times conflicts or bugs arise. we are here to help.
Diagnose and Repair if your device is behaving weird, we can analyze problems and solve the root cause while you enjoy your cup of coffee.